Thankyou Baby we can change the world
I’ve admired Thankyou ever since they launched several years ago with a radical idea to end the world water crisis – selling bottled water (a $600M industry in Australia), and using the profits to fund water projects overseas.
What started as a line of bottled water has grown to a range of over 40 products in food, body care and baby products stocked in over 5000 stores across Australia, including all the major supermarkets – with 100% of profits funding safe water, food and hygiene and sanitation services around the world.
What I love about Thankyou is that they don’t sacrifice quality for the cause. They know we aren’t going to keep buying their products if they aren’t the best – which is very much our philosophy here at Mama Maya too.
Thankyou Baby Range Nappies

Thankyou Baby Range

Last year, the Thankyou team launched Thankyou Baby – a range of nappy and baby care products, with 100% of the profits going to child and maternal health programs. As peas in a pod, I‘m thrilled for Mama Maya to be partnering with Thankyou Baby to give you a gift with every purchase!
 Thankyou Baby Massage Oil Mama Maya Muslin Wrap
For the month of February 2017, when you shop with Mama Maya we’ll include a full-size bottle of Thankyou Mums & Bubs Massage Oil, valued at $9.99. Full of beautiful plant-based oils including avocado, rosehip, and coconut oil, it’s amazing for pregnant bellies and new mamas, and is gentle & relaxing for babies.
And just quietly, it makes an AMAZING gift when given with one (or two or three!) Mama Maya muslin wraps. The perfect gift for a new baby is now even better!

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