I’m a big fan of the beautiful Canna Campbell, aka @sugarmammatv – author of The $1000 Project and Mindful Money, financial planner, regular Today Show contributor and YouTube superstar.

Her YouTube channel is a rabbit hole for financial tips and inspiration on how to live a minimalist lifestyle with style! So you can imagine how honoured I am that Canna has chosen Mama Maya swaddles for her new baby.

It’s also all about what I love about Mama Maya – encouraging buying good quality products that aren’t trend-based and that will be used over and over again (and as a bonus, give back to mothers in need as well!).


Canna says:

“When I had my son, I was drowning in all the plastic crap that ended up in landfill. My bins were overflowing and I couldn’t put anything away as there was so much “stuff” I thought I needed. I ended up with horrible PND… With baby apple due in 5 weeks and now firmly having discovered and embraced minimalism, I am only using products that are multi-functional, better for the environment and incorporate minimalism.”

Watch Canna’s YouTube video below!