Australian Birth Stories

I don’t know about you, but from the moment I became pregnant with my eldest son almost 7 years ago I’ve been obsessed with hearing about birth stories! ALL the details – I can’t get enough. And now one of my absolutely fave podcasts is the super-popular Australian Birth Stories – I love listening each week to hear the birth stories of women all around Australia, each and every one so unique and so vividly memorable for each woman. Recent guests have included Marcia Leone from Not So Mumsy, Georgie Abay from The Grace Tales, and mother-of-five Courtney Adamo.

This week’s episode has just gone live, and it features one of our most favourite mamas – the inspirational Jessica Smith, mama to 2 year old Ayla and baby Reza.

Have a listen to the podcast here (oh and P.S. – Mama Maya is the sponsor this episode!). Enjoy! x

Jessica Smith Reza Birth Story

Jessica Smith and baby Reza