Pregnant Hygge

Image via @kowaleen Instagram

Pregnancy is the perfect time to embrace the concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) – the beautiful Danish concept of cosiness, comfort and contentment. It’s about finding enjoyment in the little things, and is probably why Denmark is ranked as the happiest country in the world!

I’ve put together a list of inspiration to bring a bit of Hygge into your winter days (and yep, they’re ok if you’re not pregnant too!). Enjoy! x

MASSAGE   Indulge a pregnancy massage, or DIY with a beautiful massage oil to keep stretching skin and winter dryness at bay. I love the Thankyou Baby Mums & Bubs Massage Oil – it’s made of beautiful plant-based oils and I can’t even begin to describe how incredible it smells! Better still, it’s less than $10 a bottle so you afford to slather it on every day, and you can add a few drops to your bath too.

Courtney + The Babes Essential Oil Blends

Courtney + The Babes Blends

RELAX   Light a candle, or rub on some essential oils – I’m a huge fan of Courtney + The Babes oil blends, and one of my favourites is SERENE. Made with a blend of beautiful essential oils and coconut oil, it does exactly what it says and is safe for pregnancy.

BAKE   These banana muffins from Against All Grain are my new favourite recipe – I bake them every week. And because they’re really healthy, you don’t have to stop at one…or three.

LoveThe Grace Files Letters To My Child Baby Journal

Love Letters To My Child Journal

JOURNAL   Make use of all those lovely pregnancy hormones and start a journal for your little one. I adore the Love Letters To My Child journals from The Grace Files. They’re divided into three sections – ‘moments to remember’, ‘special things I love about you’, and ‘words of wisdom from my heart to yours’. Write in it over the years and it becomes a beautiful gift to give your baby when they are older.

WATCH   Sitting on the couch under a blanket with Netflix is like the perfect way to spend a cold rainy day! I’ve loved the latest season of Master of None – so much happiness and joy in one show, and if I could watch every episode 10 times over I’d still love it even more. Pregnancy hormone-related tears guaranteed.

Fair Trade Organic Hot Chocolate

Republica Organic Hot Chocolate

DRINK   What is more warming in winter than hot chocolate! My absolute favourite is Republica Organic Drinking Chocolate (you can find it at Coles) – it’s organic, fair trade, and sugar-free. I mix two tablespoons with a blend of almond milk and coconut cream and it is HEAVENLY. Trust me.