For every Mama Maya swaddle wrap purchased, we fund at least one clean birthing kit and its journey to the hands of a birth attendant in a developing country. Each purchase will give at least one other mama access to a cleaner, safer birth.

We’re so proud to partner with Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia), who provide clean birthing kits to over 40 partners operating in around 20 countries. BKFA works to provide a cleaner and safer birthing environment for women in developing countries to reduce the number of mothers and babies who become unwell or die as a result of childbirth. They also work towards sustained improvements in maternal and newborn health for vulnerable populations through the development of collaborative community development projects.



These six basic items – a plastic sheet, gauze squares, string, soap, gloves, and a sterile scalpel blade – enable mothers to give birth in a cleaner environment, reducing post-natal infections for both mother and baby.


Each birthing kit is assembled, transported and distributed free of charge to mothers, birth attendants or service providers in often remote locations. Kits are accompanied by instructions on use and disposal, and are integrated into local maternal and newborn health programs run by BKFA field partners.