Where to Donate Your Old Baby Items, Toys and Clothes

Where to Donate Your Old Baby Items, Toys and Clothes

Having a baby is a magnet for an accumulation of ‘stuff’ – and a lot of it useful and very essential, but much of it only needed for a short period of time. There’s the bassinet, the capsule, the breast pump, the sterilizer, the swaddles, the toys, the pram, the activity mats, the baby bath, the baby carrier, the clothing, the nappies that have been outgrown – and not forgetting maternity clothes, maternity bras… yep, it’s a lot of stuff.

But what can you do with them all once your little one has outgrown them – and you’re not holding onto things for any future babies?

If you want to sell it, try Gumtree, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

And if you want to donate them, there are lots of organisations around Australia who will take your pre-loved baby goods and pass it on to families in need – families affected by domestic violence, homelessness, abandonment, and severe financial crisis – helping to alleviate some of the stress of their situations, and save perfectly good products from landfill at the same time.

A word of warning though: giving all your baby things away can significantly increase your chances of an unplanned baby – or so I’ve been told!


Dandelion Support Network accepts donations of good quality preloved and new nursery furniture and items for babies and children for families in need. They partner with agencies and support services working with some of the most vulnerable families in the community, ensuring donations find a home where they truly make an impact. A list of acceptable donations can be found here, and details on where to donate them can be found here.

Mummies Paying It Forward collect donations of new and pre-loved items such as clothing, toys and toiletries and distribute them directly to a number of charities who need them most, including the Dandelion Support Network, Barnardos, Foster Care Angels and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. They have around 40 drop-off points across Sydney (see them here), making it really easy to help many charities at once. See the list of what you can and can’t donate here.


St Kilda Mums launched in 2009 after a group of five local St Kilda mums recognised the need for good quality second-hand clothing and baby goods for families in need. A volunteer-run organisation, they are based in Melbourne but run a number of programs to support families all over Victoria. For information about what to donate and where, click here.

Like St Kilda Mums, Geelong Mums volunteers collect donations of preloved and new baby items and then work in partnership with local social service agencies and maternal health nurses from across the Geelong region, who request items for local families in need. Information on what can be accepted can be found here and information on where to deliver your donations here.

Sunshine Bendigo volunteers help families in need to alleviate some of the financial pressures of a new baby. They collect, sort and redistribute essential new and preloved baby goods and nursery equipment to families in need – sharing the joy of motherhood and providing practical needs and support. See here for a list of what can be donated.


Roundabout Canberra accepts preloved baby goods in excellent and clean condition, which are then passed on through local support agencies to families in need. Donations can be made at various times across the week at Sports Club Kaleen – for times and a full list of what they accept, click here.


Based on the Gold Coast, Baby Give Back accept new and used baby goods and rehome them to families in need via social service agencies and social workers who are qualified to assess a family’s need. See the full list of what they can and can’t accept here and a list of drop off points here.


Genesis Pregnancy Support provides assistance to pregnant women in difficult circumstances. Some have been abandoned by their families or partners, are homeless, escaping domestic violence, or in severe financial crisis. Details on what and how to donate can be found here.

Treasure Boxes helps to alleviate hardship and trauma for SA kids living in disadvantage by providing them with a ‘Treasure Box’ full of warm essential clothing, shoes, and books. Their Safe Start Program supports new Mums who have not had any prenatal support, providing them vital nursery equipment to keep their babies safe (bassinettes, cots, car seats, linen, clothing, etc). For more information about what and how to donate, click here.


Pregnancy Assist in Perth provides support to pregnant women in situations of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune, destitution, and poverty, and accept donations of basic goods needed from birth – 6 months. A full list can be found here.

Little Things for Tiny Tots distributes new and pre-loved essential baby items to Perth families in need. They provide a box of “little things” via existing support services and government agencies to assist a family to care for their baby in the first few weeks of life containing items such as clothing, blankets, nappies, wipes, toys, and books. A list of what can be donated can be found here.


Esther’s House supports pregnant women who are in need of help for a number of reasons, including women going through relationship breakups, family violence or homelessness. Donations of good quality, new and used baby items and maternity clothing can be made

Information on what can be donated and how can be found here.

Tassie Mums is a not for profit volunteer-based group passionate about providing essential items to babies and children in need.  They collect donations of new and pre-loved baby and children’s clothing and other small items through donation bins which are supported by local individuals, schools and businesses. There are 6 drop-off points in Tasmania (view them here); more information on what can be donated can be found here.


Uplift Project will take your old maternity bras (plus regular bras, crop tops etc) and send them to women in developing countries who would otherwise be unable to afford one. See here for collection points.

The Nappy Collective run drives twice a year to collect the leftover nappies you have once your children have outgrown them. Collections run for two weeks in May and October, with collection points all across Australia. To be notified of where your local collection point is, sign up to their newsletter here.