What Do We Really Need To Give Birth Safely?

What Do We Really Need To Give Birth Safely?

With all the choices we have for childbirth, it’s very humbling to see what is really essential in order to give birth – and what millions of women around the world use (or wish they had access to!). The basics can be found right here, in a small little plastic ziplock bag – a Birthing Kit.

Mama Maya supports the brilliant work of the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia), who distribute over 140,000 kits annually to organisations in remote and rural regions of developing countries. They’re provided mainly to women who will give birth at home, where the only assistance may be from a Traditional Birth Attendant or with no assistance at all.

Birthing Kits arrive in Cameroon for mamas-to-be (Source: BKFA)

Training to use Birthing Kits in Cameroon (Source: BKFA)

The kits – assembled in Australia by volunteers, at assembly days – are distributed by a local health professional who gives instructions on how to use the kits correctly and dispose of the waste safely, and who also work to educate Traditional Birth Attendants and health workers.

A birthing hut in Uganda (Source: BKFA)

I’ve had so many people asking me what a Birthing Kit is, so I thought I’d do a post about it!

Birthing Kit Foundation Contents

PLASTIC SHEET - To lie on, preventing mama and baby from coming into contact with the ground

COTTON GAUZE - To wipe secretions from babies eyes and mama’s perineum

RUBBER GLOVES - For clean hands, to prevent the birth attendant transmitting germs to mama and baby

COTTON CORD - To tie the umbilical cord and prevent bleeding from the cord

SMALL PIECE OF SOAP - For clean hands, and for washing and drying the stump to prevent infection

SCALPEL - To cleanly cut the umbilical cord

Through your purchases of Mama Maya muslin swaddles, we’ve funded over to 3,500 Birthing Kits in the past year! [update November 2019 - 8,500!] It’s amazing to know that over 3,500 mamas have been able to birth and care for their new babies safely thanks to you x