The Story Behind The Name Mama Maya

The Story Behind The Name Mama Maya

…when a baby becomes a business!

11 years ago, my husband and I travelled to Nepal – and in many ways, it was an incredibly life-changing experience. I vividly remember staying overnight in a guesthouse high in the snowy Himalayas and meeting a new mama and her little babe of less than a week old. They were camped in a small dark wooden shed with a dirt floor, where not only had she given birth, but was to stay for the first few weeks of her baby’s life – custom in some parts of the culture.

During our time there we fell in love with the name Maya (in Nepali, it means ‘love’) – it was the name of our guide’s daughter, and also of another little guesthouse we stayed in – and we decided that if ever had a daughter, Maya would be her name.

Well, we ended up with two beautiful boys, so Maya – a name with maternal meaning or significance in many different cultures – became Mama Maya, the name of a brand of beautiful products for babies. It’s a natural fit given the primary focus of our beautiful, luxe, organic muslin baby swaddling wraps is to contribute to a safer pregnancy and birth for mamas all over the world (learn more here) – including providing safe birthing kits for women like the one I met on my travels.

Wrap up and feel the LOVE.