The Grace Tales | ‘Meet The Woman Behind Our New Favourite Swaddles’

The Grace Tales | ‘Meet The Woman Behind Our New Favourite Swaddles’

I was so so thrilled for Mama Maya to be featured on The Grace Tales recently. Here’s a little of the feature below – click at the end to continue reading…

“I was shocked when I heard the statistics on maternal deaths around the world. Around 350,000 babies are born every day; in Australia, 6 in 100,000 people die each year in pregnancy or childbirth, but in a country like Uganda it’s 1 in 16. As someone who had medical intervention during childbirth, it made me realise how lucky I was to have a clean and safe place to give birth, and trained caregivers to support me,” says Robyn Jones, the founder of Mama Maya….

It inspired an idea: “I took something that every parent of babies owns multiples of – a simple muslin wrap – and built a one-for-one model around it,” says Jones. Her chic spotted wraps come in three neutral colours and are made from certified organic cotton. “The large spots in muted colours have become our signature design – they’re not trend-based, and can be used from baby to baby,” says Jones. Mama Maya has partnered with The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) to fund birthing kits and caregiver training to women who live in remote areas of developing countries. “We’ve now funded over 1,000 birthing kits – such a beautiful feeling for a new mum to be a part of,” says Jones. We caught up with her to find out more about her new venture, swapping a corporate career for a creative one and her time management tips…

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Photographer | Amy Farrell
The Grace Tales | August 24, 2016