Our Swaddles in Africa!

Our Swaddles in Africa!

What It's All About

I started Mama Maya to make a difference to mamas all around the world. A premium, stylish and organic baby essential that also funded birthing kits and maternal health programs. The experience of pregnancy and birth is something virtually all mothers have gone through, yet the quality of care and access to even the most basic baby items couldn’t be more different. So when I found myself with a large box full of seconds-quality muslins and loads of samples from the time spent getting our swaddles just right, I had a choice – I could sell them cheaply as ‘seconds’, or donate them to mothers who could really use them.

Discounting isn’t really Mama Maya’s thing – you may know by now that we prefer to increase our charity donation at certain times of the year instead of sales; and since Mama Maya is all about giving back, it made more sense to donate them anyway. Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) pointed me in the direction of Think Humanity in Uganda – one of their partner organisations working with refugee and underdeveloped communities in Africa – and off our wraps flew (carbon neutrally of course!) to Hoima town, Uganda.

A New Home in Uganda

This week, our swaddles were gratefully received by mamas and mamas-to-be (along with their Birthing Kits) in Buhanika, Uganda. So great to turn something negative for our business – seconds stock – into something positive for women on the other side of the world! Thank you to Beth from Think Humanity for these beautiful photos, and Zeshi and Catriona from BKFA for helping to make this happen x

Image via Think Humanity